Hi there!

My name is Alex. I’m Software Engineer from Ukraine, who lives in Berlin.

I have a particular interest in low level programming, developer tools, and in the area of automated testing and quality of software in general.

These interests gave birth to the two projects I work on in my spare time:

  • System Under Test: blog about testing of various OSS projects (link)
  • Mull: LLVM-based tool for mutation testing (link)

Also, I strongly believe that people should share more knowledge, so I maintain this blog, give some talks, and organize LLVM Social.

You may find more information on the internet:

Feel free to drop me a line if you have any questions [email protected]

Moving On

I have been doing iOS and web development for too long.
It is time to move on: I am looking for a new job.

These are the things I am interested in:

  • the quality of software
  • compilers
  • developer tools
  • low-level programming
  • any topic on this blog

Here is my CV. Here is my email.