These are some of the projects I work on.


Role: Author, independent researcher
What: LLVM-based tool for mutation testing targeting C and C++
Tech: C++, CMake, LLVM, JIT, Vagrant, Ansible

  • Analysis and transformation of LLVM Bitcode
  • JITting native C and C++ code
  • Multi-OS support: Linux, macOS, FreeBSD
  • Automated release engineering: packaging for various OSes
  • Driving the design and implementation
  • Writing research papers: link


Role: Contractor
What: Toolchain that allows writing native cross-platform apps for iOS, Android and OS X in Ruby
Tech: C++, Ruby, LLVM, macOS, iOS

  • Added SIMD support for the CodeGen
  • Upgrading underlying LLVM to the newer versions
  • Upgrading the project to work with the newer versions of Xcode
  • Fixing various bugs: from buggy dyld on macOS to incorrect handling of Dwarf information

PTScientists GmbH

Role: Full-time employee
What: Helping to build robust and testable onboard-software for the space mission
Tech: C++, Python, CMake, Jenkins, Ansible, Vagrant, CI

  • Helping to write testable components
  • Defining and maintaining the build system
  • Maintaining continuous integration servers and infrastructure
  • Defining various testing strategies